I feel as though I wasn’t the most productive today. I hate when I have mondays like that. Especially since my work week begins tomorrow. I did do a fair amount of knitting and a little cooking and gardening. I stopped at my parent’s to do a seed exchange. Thanks to my mom we will hope to have four varieties of radishes to grow. Plus some swiss chard. I haven’t had a lot of luck with leafy greens in the past. At some point they always seem to blot too early but I’m going to give it ago again. I also got some succulents called cats and kittens (I think they are also called hens and chicks). Succulents are so fascinating to me for some reason. They are such strange little plants.

I had some sweet potatoes that I wanted to use up. Looking up some recipes for sweet potatoes and miso (I love this combo) I stumbled upon a recipe for the ones that are served at Teaism. Seriously, what luck. This was totally what I was in the mood for. Needless to say they were made and very good.