It’s that time of year… with some pie

Last year we totally neglected the garden. Which is a shame since I think we have a cute little yard and a decent space for gardening, despite being in the city. This year we decided to do something with it again. Clear out a lot of the old herbs and place them in their own containers (lemon balm explodes through out the entire garden when we let it go), plant some veggie seeds and try to not plant too much since we have a tendency to get a bit over whelmed easily. I also want to make the space comfy for us to hang out in.

So after work the Mr and I went to Ace (it’s the only hardware store walkable in our area) and we both purchased new gardening gloves and a new pair of shears as well as those over size paper bags for compost pick up. The gloves I had in the past were quite thin so I got some really nice leather gloves to handle the crazy thorny roses we currently have. Plus, the Mr doesn’t have to squeeze into my old ones anymore(hahahaha, seriously, it’s a sight). He has his own pair now.

I’ve been talking to a few local gardeners about compost and how they go about it. Everyone had great ideas. I found one to be interesting, mainly due to the speed in which it breaks down which was worm composting. Gross, right? Worms are just a few limbs short of being caterpillars… which I dreadfully hate(seriously, it’s one creature that make my skin crawl). Actually seeing the compost pile my uncle has going on in the back of the shop and seeing the compost he’s gotten from this winter alone I’m pretty impressed. Besides the concept is fascinating. We’re going to use a simple set up which isn’t the prettiest but what ever. The bonus is it will cut down the amount of trash we take out every week. I sometime feel guilty throwing away my radish tops knowing that they could be used for something a whole lot more useful.

What will we be attempting to grow (I stress the word “attempting” for a reason)? Radishes (of course.. I grow quite fond of these spicy little guys over the past two years. I snack on them almost every night), mini cucumbers, string beans and edamame. We’ll see how that goes, though. I’m going to be brave an photograph our garden in various stages, which I will be showing off. I say “brave” because it’s a sorry site… even though we spent an hour out there this evening.

Anyway, tomorrow after the farmers market the Mr and I are going to run over to the Southeast Pratt library for their “Pie in the Corner” fundraiser. $20 for a good cause and pie… nom nom. I have been in a craziest mood for pie the lately.