Someone was bad…

A picture taken by the Mr.

This snotty little guy got on to my computer chair knowing very well that he’s not suppose to be on it. Not only was there evidence that he was but Tsuyoshi was face down on the floor… luckily on carpet. It’s not so much that he gets in my chair but when he kicks off, the chair swings around knocking my bjds on the floor. Which happened in poor Yoshi-kun’s case. He okay but as punishment the pug got a bath (he hates them… but in all honesty I forgot to give him one last night. I just made this one seem like he was being punished).

I had such a hard time sleeping the past two nights so this evening while walking home from work I decided not to get a coffee(I usually get one for the walk home). I have a feeling that the caffeine kept me away. But boy was I in a sour mood this evening. I signed up for an con AA tonight but you would have thought I was doing my taxes(I hate doing my taxes). It also didn’t help that my computer mouse has gone up. I did spot this on etsy that made me laugh. The Mr’s response to it was him telling Chan that he would never do anything like that to him. He put a lot of stress on the “he” part. I totally would, though. I may have to make something similar for Chan but knit an antenna at the top of it.