The Ugly Side of the Amu’s Crew

“Angry” Steve(left) and “perverted” Mark

Kelsey of EatToast was doing “ugly portraits” at the convention this weekend. I thought that the “crew” needed ugly portraits so I was able to talk them into getting them. I think Kelsey was spot on with these guys. These are just so hilarious to me. Good for them for being good sports. If you’re ever at Otakon or Katsu and you stop by my table these guys are most likely behind it:

(Taken last Ota by the Mr. Mark is in the background and my brother Steve is in the front)

I remember last Katsu someone said to me “you’ve got a pretty hard core looking group behind that table of yours”. Of course they were talking about these two and the Mr. Imagine these guys sitting behind my doll collection and bjd clothes. It’s a pretty funny sight. I’ve been told that when I walk away from my table both Steve and Mark have been known to tell people that they take credit for making everything I’ve made and sell… They have also been known to put my boys in compromising positions-_- I wouldn’t trade them in for anything though. These guys are truly awesome and part of reason why I still go to conventions.