From left to right: Ashlin, Tsuyoshi, Kotori, and little Lorina

Uh, yeah I’m not sure how it happened but it was all about the yo’s this con (seriously, I haven’t been kidnapped and replaced… it’s really “big-boy-only” Amu who is posting here). While Jennifer and I were hanging out at the table this morning a lovely woman I had met at Otakon last summer stopped by my table. I remember her talking about getting this little girl and how excited she was. This year at Katsu the same little girl was her traveling partner. When she puller her out of her bag, wrapped in a beautiful silk Obi fabric, Jennifer and I couldn’t help but squee. Of course photos had to be taken. At the time our boys were riding the Angry Hippo that sits at my table. Knowing that Kristi was close by, we were able to snag Ashlin to add to the group. These little guys somehow managed to grab a crowd. It was odd seeing complete strangers checking these guys out and photographing them. The little ones were just being their cute selves. It was a mini “squee” fest.

If you can’t tell two little boys are each wearing yo-sized kitty ears that they picked up at the con. They were feeling a bit left out after seeing all of the cosplayers walking around. They wanted to pretend too. How cute are they? I think I’m going to have knit some yo-sized kitten mitts to wear with these ears.

I have a whole lot more to post. Since I’ve been rooming with the usual crew, the Mr, Mark and Steve silliness was the theme for this weekend… including some ugly portrait from none other than Eat Toast herself, Kelsey. Sadly, I’m beat (when am I not) and in the background I’m hearing snoring from one person and getting the stink eye from another. I need to go shut my comp down and go to bed. More about this weekend later this week.