Katsu Prep Continues


Still at work but I’m getting there. After a bit of slacking I managed to get quite a bit finished. The images above are some tiny shirts I have in the works. When they are all done they will be getting the bleaching treatment (yeah, that’s right… I’m going there). I just hope all goes well. I figured everything would be okay by scaling down my sd sized pattern and sewing them up the same way as the larger ones. Not quite so. I’m thinking the next batch I may try to make a separate piece for the collar and not a folded one. We’ll see though. There are reasons that I don’t make Blythe clothes and I’m find similar problems with the yo-sized ones as well.

I’m so pleased that the boxes and stamp came before the convention. They are so cute. I wanted a different design for the tiny clothing. The first thing I thought when looking at my little guys was a Kitsune. I made a quick sketch and handed it over to the Mr who worked his magic and cleaned it up for me. I couldn’t be happier with it. The Mr was busy stamping the boxes while I turned collars (slow and painful agony!!!). It was one of the many jobs he offered to do today. Like always, he’s been a huge help preparing for this con (like the so many before it). I’ve been quite thankful and lucky.