We had a little guest here this evening. Jim, a friend of the Mr’s came over to game this evening. Knowing how much he hates leaving his pug Tia home all by herself, we told him to bring her along. This was the first time that Chan and Tia have met. She is a little ball of energy and Chan seemed so calm compared to her. We forget how he acts when we take him over to my parent’s house and how restless he can get there. At first she was all about checking him out and he didn’t seemed to be into that much but his tail was wagging when he watched her play and run around. Eventually he would relax and lay down for a bit until Tia would tap over to sniff his face (she love giving pug kisses). Even though they look different they have some traits and expressions that only pugs make. They had me rolling at times. By the way, she refused to look into the camera. When I called her name she would look right at me and then turn.