Valentino the Last Emperor and a New Dream for Chan

a pug can dream

While getting packages together and moss brooches made, the pug and I decided to watch Valentino the Last Emperor*. When the movie was over the pug decided to that he was going to pack up his bags and fly to Italy to live his new life in the Valentino house hold. The man already has six. What’s one more? The only thing stopping him was knowing that airports are crazy this time of year and it’s either the new scanner or the pug pat down and he wasn’t in the mood for either. Oh well… keep dreaming pug…

Yeah, I think late nights and inhaling all this wool I’ve been knitting with has gotten to my brain. Tomorrow I go back to work. I’m going to try to go to bed early so that I’m not a zombie tomorrow.

*Yeah, that’s right, I have a weakness for fashion documentaries.