long time…

…no see. If you can’t tell, I’ve taken a little break of sorts this summer. I’m still alive and doing well. I was feeling for the first time that maybe I was being a bit to convenient(if that makes sense). Just needed a short hiatus this month. Nothing has really changed in that time, though. I’m still the feeling same… Oh well.

As usual, I hate summer. This summer is no exception. It seems to be the hottest so far… or that is what my mother is claiming. It feels like it. I hate the heat and I equally hate air conditioning. I just can’t win. At work we don’t have AC and I don’t think it hit anything lower then 95 everyday last week. I also spent most of my time in a paint booth with safety equipment on. It’s been so bad that we’ve even been forced to set up camp in the computer room to sleep for a few nights… feeling sorry for me yet?

The most I can do is make myself as comfy as I can. So far they’ve been working to some extent. So what have I been doing: (lots of words behind the cut… amu is pretending to know how to write)

Cool drinks and food: I love unsweetened green tea. My favorite is the bottled stuff made by ITOEN. It’s refreshing and strong but not too bitter. It is so hard to find in my area. Lotte has it but it’s hard to get to with out a car. I try to stock up when I can but the stuff goes so fast. When that happens I make it at home. A few weeks back Yoko gave us a bag of instant green tea. Throw a bag in a contain of water, shake and chill. It’s has a great flavor. Now if only I could figure out the kanji so that I can get more (my Japanese is still at a five year olds level).
The Mr on the other hand loves iced coffee. His favorite coffee is Zeke’s “Tell Tale Dark”. Zeke’s is also a local favorite and we can easily get it at the farmer’s market (both at the Baltimore Farmer’s market on sundays and Waverly on saturdays). Anyway, it’s the only type he will drink black. with other brands he usually loads his up with sugar and cream. I used to hot brew and then chill but Lee from Leethal.net posted an article on Lightninglittlefires last month on how to make cold press coffee concentrate. So simple and really good. The coffee flavor really stands out and you can control how strong you want it. I even use less coffee for the same amount of servings as before. I totally recommend it.

As for food, it’s all things fruits and veggies. The farmer’s market has been amazing this summer (btw, I just realized this week that we are going on our third year of not depending on huge chain grocery stores for our weekly shopping… saving for another post). This week we have peaches and watermelon. Sadly next week blue berries are on their way out but it was good while there were around. Cucumber season is also here. It may not mean much to most but I love the little guys used for pickling. No wax so they are easy to wash. Chilled and sliced with a tiny bit of ponzu sauce. So good and refreshing.

Lastly, we have been living off of “netflix watch instantly”. I’m amazed at what is available. I’ve been trying to watch as many Japanese films to work on my listening comprehension skills (a major weakness of mine. I’ve even had issues with english). Watching a lot of Japanese movies from the 50’s and 60’s. I discovered yakuza films from this time (which are a riot to watch) and a ton of Gozilla and Mothra films (I have a soft spot for Mothra). I always liked english and foreign movies from these time periods and it never occurred to me to check out Japanese movies. Tons of Kurosawa are available and we’ve been watching pretty much of what is currently there. Besides Seven Samurai and Yojimbo, High and Low has to be my favorite(I’ve seen it three times so far). Besides the acting, the charactors and the story, which are all amazing, it takes place in Japan in the 60’s. It has a certain aestheticism that I really like. It’s not Kurosawa’s usual period movies. If you like mysteries and drama (which is normally not something I look for in movies) I highly recommend it.

I lied about that being the last thing. The icing on the cake for me this summer was a good hair cut. I really could not stand having damp wet hair clinging to my neck and face while I was trying to work. Knowing that I was going to be home all week to prepare for Otakon I needed to be comfy… yet cute (yeah I went there). Saturday I had an appointment with Alana to get my hair cut. I brought with me a picture that I had stored on my old hard drive for that time I was feeling brave. This was one of those times. This weekend I called on the spirit of the lovely Jean Seberg for beauty advice and this is what I was told to get:3

I think this picture was taken at the time she was filming the French movie Breathless

Alana worked her magic… even after saying in a thick Russian accent “yeah, that’s short”. She made the cut work with my hairline (the main reason why I pay lots of mullah for her to cut my hair).

There is something about a really pretty face and cropped hair. I am by no means a Jean Seberg, Leslie Caron or Mia Farrow or any of those other vintage beauties who carry off the pixie cut so well, but a girl can pretend can’t she?

Well that’s an up date of sorts. I almost forgot what it was like to log on to wordpress for a second. Crazy. This week I’m off working on Otakon. Everyone seems so prepared… while I’m not. Luckily I can be sewing and knitting late friday morning and still make it to the con on time. It helps to live walking distance from the con. I’m screen printing this morning and finishing up two more sweaters for the con( I still have a ton of sewing, weaving ends in, labeling). I think this calls for sushi at Matsuri for lunch this afternoon.

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