good day and new routine

The mr and I started a new routine. We woke up and had breakfast together. He walked the pug while I got ready for work. And then we both left the house to catch the bus. The Mr got a new job and it’s in the same building I work except up one floor. For those out of the loop, The Mr lost his job at the end of February. I don’t like posting stuff like this normally because, seriously, who wants to read something like that. It was a job that he wasn’t fond of and it started to wear him out so when it happened I though “things will be okay”. And they totally were for the most part. He kept busy and was even busier than when he had a job. When my uncle found out they were hiring upstairs he put a good word in for The Mr and he got the job. It’s certainly not an office job but he’s working with his hands and I think it’s a good thing. After we got to work went our separate ways, he came down to eat lunch with us and we left together taking a nice long walk home. We stopped on our way to get a few burrito bowls from Chipotle (we were feeling lazy tonight) and a coffee and were goofy the rest of the way home. The mr does a mean South Baltimore accent if you ask him nicely. He was cracking me up on the way home (we’re both from Baltimore and have been known to let the accent slip out).

The littlest things have made an odd but good change in my mood lately.

We had a good trip at the farmers market on saturday. Asparagus is now in season here and several farmers had it at the market. I roasted some last night and they were so good. I also got some out-of-this-world strawberries. They’re from North Carolina which means the local berries should be here in a few weeks. I decided to get some after craving them for a month now. I made the mistake of getting some seriously non-local berries a few weeks back. They were bright red on the outside but completely white on the inside and tasteless. I knew better than to get them but went against my better judgment. The ones I got on saturday are so red all the way through and oh so good.

I’m still slightly dragging my feet about Dolpa and I’m only left with a few days to decided. They listed their schedule and I’m still not sure. If I go, The Mr and I are going to make a weekend of it. I would still be going to the event myself but at least I’ll have a traveling partner… or we could just save it for another weekend in New York. Decisions decisions…

Besides this little set back, the littlest things have put me in an odd but good mood.

Sorry, this post has gone a bit everywhere this evening, hasn’t it?