catching up

lay off!

“Lay off, will ya!?”

Um, I kind of disappeared again. I’ve been doing that quite a bit lately. After the whole finger post I was laying low. I made a few post over in the doll blog but that was it. I did go to the DC Cherry Blossom festival last saturday with the Mr, Katie, Caitlin and her friend Andy. I had a great crew to travel with and had a great time all around. The trip was more doll related then anything so I left a mini post about it in the other blog in case others are interested.

So that I don’t bore those who may not care, everything else is under the cut:
The finger is doing well. No nerve damage that I can see. I can move it and there is no numbness. Even though I’m finally able to look at it (it took a week O_o), it still looks pretty gross if you ask me. The Mr was a huge help in mending my wounds and changing the dressing on it. I’m still able to knit and work, though I can’t really use the tip of my finger just yet. Luckily I trained my other fingers to take up the slack when I’m having index finger issues.

I’m busy getting ready for Balticon and then Otakon. I’ll have a schedule up sometime soon of all the shows I’ll be doing this year. One show I’m also going to be working is the sheep and wool festival next month, for the shop. I’m too excited. I live in Maryland and knit like a fiend yet I’ve never been. We’re going to be doing wood turning demos and hopefully have quite a few items for sale like drop spindles and niddy-noddys and all those good useful things. We’re also going to be advertising for the wood turning school since we’re adding a “part two” to the fiber tools class. Once I get more info like table location and such, I’ll post it.

It’s definitely getting warmer. We need to do some serious work in the garden. The peonies are popping up. One of the two trees are ready to bloom (I think the one tree is still too young to do anything just yet. Maybe next year). The peony bush on the opposite side of the garden is just sprouting and has a few tiny buds. One stalk has made it’s way up to the trees. It’s so odd but it’s a single stalk with one tiny bud. I’m going to leave it alone for now to see what it does.

There are a few more flowers plants that I would like to add. We’ll have some room once I trim the rose bush down. It’s getting a bit out of control. The lemon balm is back as well and is ready to take over. I’m cutting all of that back and saving one bush which will be kept in a container away from the garden. It’s just a mess when the end of July hits. We plan on growing some veggies as well this year. I’m going to try radishes and edamame. Maybe even zucchini since we eat quite a bit of that through out the year. We need to start soon though since it’s now almost mid april.

This evening was rather unproductive so I’m heading to bed early. I’ve been doing that the past several nights. I’ve been getting so tired around this time every night. Maybe I’m getting a healthier sleep routine. We’ll see.