fiber tools class

drop spindle demo

Yesterday I helped out with the Fiber tools class at Mark Supik and Co. and had such a fantastic time. We had a wonderful group of students who were enthusiastic and just totally in the class. As usual I was in awe of my uncle’s teaching and demo skills. Having been taught by him myself over the years, his instructions are always clear and easy to understand. You always seem to get it after the first explanation.

I gave a demo myself and turned a drop spindle. Even though everyone was able to make what they wanted in the second half of the class, three of the six students made drop spindles themselves. Other projects included nostepinnes, orifice hooks and a niddy noddy. Everyone was able go home with a few projects that they made from one day of class. It was a busy day and I was so beat in the end but it was great.

The photo above is the spindle I made during the demo. I started using it today without putting a finish on (which I normally recommend) but I was too impatient. I’m spinning some merino wool I picked up at the convention center, the last year Stitches was in Baltimore. It’s hard to tell but it’s a beautiful gold silky looking merino. Even though the spindle is just too large and heavy for lace weight I’m seeing how thin I can go with it. I would like to see if I can spin enough for a doll sweater. Wish me luck.

By the way, I was told this week that my work at the shop was “Awesome!”. Now, I normally wouldn’t make a big deal about this, but it was said to me three times in one conversation by a little old lady who was touring the shop. I thought it was rather blog worthy, don’t you?

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