it’s been a while, hasn’t it?


Yeah I kind of disappeared for a while there, didn’t I? Katsucon went well. I left a mini post over on the doll blog right after we got home. Good times.

It’s so hard to get into the habit of blogging yet so easy to just not do it… it’s also a bad habit to break. While at katsu, I had started to come down with a cold which I believe developed into the flu. So I was no good for a good two weeks. The Mr had it before we left so on top of Katsu preparation and winter blues, it was not fun. I’m doing very well now and have been working on doll commissions and personal projects since I got my concentration back.

Last night my sister Cait gave me a call and asked if I wanted to have a dolly night. It had been a long time since the two of us had had one. I said sure and tried to think of some great doll related projects that we could try. I had remembered some recent posts that Kaba had made about using some of her left over wool from wig making, to make some fun looking felted bunny ear, headbands. I had picked up some felting needles years ago that I only managed to use a few times, on top of a ton of wool roving that I’ve been making yarn from. With everything set, I explained the whole process and Cait was game. I realized, last night how rusty I was and managed to stab myself a few time. Cait on the other hand picked up the whole process quickly and only stuck herself once while we worked together (lol). Cheese popcorn, Ultraman, Batsu, felting and dolls. You can’t ask for a better evening.

We didn’t quite finish them last night. Cait took it home to work on and I finished mine this evening. No pictures of the head band in action, but in due time. For this sort of thing you need the whole set up, outfit and all, to really get the effect (mwhahahaha).

(Edit: Kristi pointed out that I didn’t say what size these were. They are SD-sized)