24 hour tag

mari at watshi to tokyo posted this right before new years. I figured I would share it as well for those who don’t frequent her blog that often. since her first post about the no laugh series, i’ve been watching several of the other batsu games brought on by the downtown guys. I think it’s the five year old in me that can’t look away. they are just too funny.

yesterday was my first day back at work since the hoidays (spoiled). I’m trying to get back into my sleeping schedule but so far i have had no luck. one thing i forgot about before going back was how cold the shop gets in the winter. i checked the thermometer yesterday and it said that it 50 degrees that morning and 55 at lunch. everyone is wearing heavy mark supik and co hoodies and often run off to make tea or heat up their coffee. the air in the compressor is really cold coming out so my hands freeze when i use the paint gun (i have to wear gloves hahaha). i think this is the only time i miss summer.

i’m getting ready for katsucon. we were not given a lot of time so if you see the blog being a bit quite, most likely you won’t need to worry. i’m probably stuck in front of my sewing machine or glued to my lap top with needles in hand while i watch batsu.

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