death crepes and dark tower

i hope everyone had a lovely new years this year. the mr and i kept it a bit low key this time around. we had a quiet dinner with cait and brandon and then went home to watch batsu while i worked on some commissions. I had the needles in my hand at the very end of the year and they were still there when the new one began. not a bad way to start the year, if you ask me.

our newest tradition for the last few years was to have everyone over for new years crepes on new years day. this year we decided to hold off a few days. my mom would always make a huge dinner on the day but we would never have enough room to enjoy it so this year i had it today instead.

it was just a small group of us–cait, brandon, steve and miss p. my sister, miss p and i would have some traditional filling, sweat and savory. strawberries and whipped cream was a favorite but mine is avocado and cheddar cheese. the guys, on the other hand had what they called “death crepes”. bacon, on top of an egg fried in an inch of bacon grease with cheese sandwiched between two crepes. the thing is pretty gross looking but they insist on having it… making sure to start the new year by taking a few years off their life (their words, not mine).

afterward, miss p schooled the guys in super mario wii. i could only handle one game of it. don’t get me wrong, I love mario but miss p decided to turn it into some kind of death match, running way ahead of everyone, knocking people off cliffs and into boiling lava pits, all while laughing her but off-_-.

when it was time for miss p and steve to leave the mr whipped out dark tower. it’s been a few years since we last played. the set we have is one that my parents played way back in the day when they would have huge game marathons of this and D&D. it was still a lot of fun. i was so close to winning but brandon got to the tower first (i was totally ready with my 50 men).

after the game we headed over to my parents for homemade soft pretzels this was after a phone call from my mom. this the second night in a row that she has done this to me. last night i got a call that she had made a big batch of Gaufres de Liege or belgian sugar waffles. i had sent her a recipe a while back hinting that i wanted her to make some. it wasn’t until it was 23 degree out (but felt like 5) that she decided to make a batch. so for both the waffles and the pretzels, the mr, chan and i put on our eighteen layers and made the 15 minute walk to the house… i’ll do anything for food, really. both times they were good so they were worth the frost bite on the face.

so this year i’ve stopped blogging daily. I had blogged non-stop for almost two years. a huge part not missing a day. i decided that i would still post but only when i had something worth posting. in other words, i should be cutting out the “dear blog i’m tired” posts. i want to post a little more in the neglected dolls blog a little more. I hope this will get me to put up more projects and maybe finally get those tutorials out like i promised. well see. here’s to 2010