so sleepy

autumn is here. not only is the cooler weather an indication but also the fact that for the that today was the first time since last spring the pug decided to sit in my lap for warmth. chan is a pug that will only cuddle if he wants to cuddle or get something out of it. other then that he wants nothing to do with you. i know he’s hinting for us to turn on the kotatsu but i know it’s way too early for that. silly pug.

i made a huge tray of lasagna last night. i was craving it. i used this recipe and it was so good. i used my own sauce that i made last month and it was out of this world (even though the guy at the italian store swore that lasagna had to have meat… whatever). it made quite a bit so i put several slices in the freezer for dinner and lunches the next few weeks to come.

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