pictureless post #22

i only have about 2.5 weeks before otakon and i still have a ton to do. this week my plan is to photograph what i have so far. i have a flicker account that is in a sad state. in other words it’s not being used so i think i’m going to post the knits there to build a little portfolio.

i love the new vamps album…. and i mean seriously love. i can not wait for the show next month. i’m still entertaining the thought of going to the new york show as well but sadly i still have no one to go with. people either have to go to work or have done the whole “i’ll get back to you”… and haven’t. my options are to go by myself (which the mr is against) or drag him along. he’s suffered through one hyde concert he really does not need to be subjected to another. it also depends on how much work i can get this week and the next and if i can spare the time away. though the long train ride would actually be good for getting stuff done. i wouldn’t have the distractions i have at home.

last thing, i want these boots. i haven’t bought a pair of boots for myself in ages (the dolls have several pairs though). i <3 them.