more peonies

peonies and knitting, what more can you ask for?

i went to the farmer’s market this morning with my mom and uncle. one of the vendors had fresh cut peonies to sell. since mine have already bloomed and cut i decided to grab a couple more. with the peonies and strawberries i picked up as well the house smells lovely.

besides the princes, i have several projects in the works(this is a problem i find myself in all the time). the sweater torso is finished. i’ll be starting on the sleeves tomorrow. i also crocheted a puki cap. now it just needs to be decorated. even though the yarn, hook and stitch count is the same the cap is just a tad loose compared to the ones i made earlier this year. this warmer weather is doing something to my tension. i just need to be more conscience of it.
the third project is a pair of 1/3 scale wrist warmers. this time i using a twisted rib which is a pattern i use a lot for the large wrist warmers i sell at some of the shows. it’s one of my favorites. i’m using a habu lace weight merino on size 0us. the combo is creating an interesting twisted lace look. the stitch count is the same for my human size as well as my doll size so i don’t have to change my pattern at all.
even though this small scale is killer on the eyes it’s awesome for my very tired hands and wrists. i need a little break from the princes so these little projects help.