hot spring weather and macha latte

spin that latte

it’s still gross out. it’s suppose to cool down tonight and for the rest of the week… but lots of rain following. oh well. it beats the heat, that’s for sure.

i made myself a cold macha latte this evening from this recipe i found a while back. it was quite refreshing.
it cooled me down enough to stretch out my second skein of yarn. i’m seeing a lovely loose fit sweater with this one.
i started another skein this evening. this time i’m using some super soft merino wool i picked up from stitches a few years back. i’m working on making it really thin, which is challenging. it’s snapped several times in the process. that’s okay. i started on a second spindle at work today, just for lace weight. i hope to have it finished by tomorrow so i can get working on it right away.

ugh… come on cool air. i’m reminded of how fun summer will be.