well lookie there…

sweater sneak peek

…the flippin’ camera can take photos after all.
after lots of frustration, cursing, and begging from the mr who insisted that i use his lighting i caved and let him drag a light or two out. what a difference.
here are a few of the sweaters i’m posting for sale very soon. not sure if these are the final photos but they are definitely a test and i’m liking them so far. i’m finally getting around to this. now all i have to do is document them for myself and post.

today, things looked up. i was a little more motivated. i’m not much of a sun fan but it was lovely out. sunny with a cool crisp breeze. tomorrow is suppose to be the same. in the morning, miss p and i are going to walk over to koba and play a little animal crossing while we get some breakfast. it’s the last friday in her spring break so we’re taking advantage of the chance since she is normally not allowed to play during a school week. all this playing has me addicted to the game again.