first day back

dolly sweater

i’m working on some sweater sets for the katsucon art auction. i’m hoping to at least two set as well as some gaming related amigurumi. busy busy…

today was my first day back to work in almost a week. it was a bit slippery getting there (i missed a bus that would have taken me to my main bus so, instead, i had to walk to the inner harbor to catch it). even though it was a bit tricky, the view of my walk was actually pretty. it was like the whole city turned into a icy winter wonderland. i made it to work safe and sound and going home was no problem. today was one of those lovely sunny winter days. the air was cool but the sun was warm. it melted most of the ice.

just looked at the dealer’s room for katsu. i’m a bit sad. it’s so tiny. a lot of my favorite dealers won’t be there. maybe this year my wallet will be saved.