pictureless post #4

so the lovely snow turned to a glossy armor this morning. federal hill was a mess. the sidewalks were very slippery for most of the first half of the day. while doing a little people watching from the front window people were slipping and sliding. i only stepped out for a bit to walk with the mr and p-chan and even with snow shoes it wasn’t fun at all.
p-chan didn’t like it one bit. poor little guy was slipping all over the place. we realized that all of his favorite spots are on little hills so when he would go over to do anything he would slide down to the bottom. the pug does not like this weather at all.

besides have a annoying cough (grrrr… obnoxious) i did get some stuff done today. lots of knitting and a little cooking. but all around it was an extra day to recoup. after spending three days inside i ‘m very anxious to get back to work.