meetup @ the chop

i managed to get my booty over to the chop today for the first meet up of the year. i haven’t had time to go through my photos but i hope to get that done tomorrow.
it was a great meet and andy at the chop was really awesome. he let us hog the table in the front and was asking through out the meet if we needed anything. the cafe itself is very cool. it’s loaded with a ton of books, all of which are for sale and amazing glass work on display at the front. they also have live shows and open mic nights. i recommend checking the chop out. if my brain wasn’t feeling like mush i could go on but i’ll save it for tomorrow.
we headed out when i started to feel like poo again. right now i’m in my pj’s watching a bond-a-ton on bbc america and drinking tea. i want to be in tip-top shape to teach tomorrow.