new day, new shoes

new docs

still basking in yesterday’s celebrations. at work the feeling was still there as well. today had a good vibe to it and because of it i had a lot of energy and got a lot done.

i bought me a new pair of shoes tonight. you have no clue what an ordeal shoe buying is for me. i wear them down to nothing before deciding on a pair. it’s not that i don’t want to spend money on a pair or anything like that but i just can not find a pair that i love nowadays (i should have been a shoe designer). i decided on this pair of really cute docs for a few events that are coming up. i’m usually safe with docs so no surprise there but now i need a new pair of walking sneakers. so now the whole ordeal starts over again.

right now, besides making this blog post, i’m knitting another pair of mini ear muffs and listening to laruku on my new zune dock. it is a very nice evening.