pictureless post #38

i’m so beat tonight. the mr and i hitched a ride with my family to make a last minute shopping trip to get the essentials that you just can’t find at the farmer’s market (though, it would be awesome if you could). beside it being fun spending time with my parents there isn’t much to say tonight. i didn’t get a lot done unless you count laying around and watching shinchan after getting home productive.
i didn’t knit a stitch at all today but on my shopping trip i managed to pick up some pipe cleaners to help out the mr and his little project. this has to do with the faceless amigurumi that i never got the chance to make this weekend. i’ll be grabbing my needles and yarn before heading out to work. this is going to be a fun little project.

dolly friends may or may not know this i was thinking of selling my dim danbi head for sometime now. even though the sculpt was my second love when getting into this hobby, after sitting in his box for over a year all plans i had went away. i’ve given the poor boy a semi face up but other then that, no love.
so, checking out the gallery section of doa i’m discovering these collectors coming out of the wood works with the most amazing danbis. okay it’s not that many but there are two that caught my attention with their lovely boys. my love for the sculpt is renewed. ugh, so for now i’m scraping my plans to sell. i hear sd10 make lovely bodies for the early dim heads.
so this now makes five floating heads in need of bodies T_T. hopefully by next week that number will change to four.