dolly knits

ro knit

this is a fun knit. mainly for the fact that from this one i actually have a pattern i feel confident about. i undid what i had for the sleeves and added a few stitches. the red and black sweater was a little too close to size. since it’s for a body i don’t have yet i may just take it a part a redo them.
anyway, i have a finished pattern and an almost finished sweater. this is a gift that should have been done months ago and i’m going to keep on working on it tonight until it’s finished. i think the boy it’s for will like it.
after this i have one more gift sweater but this time it’s for a girl. i’m not sure i like what i have so far. again it’s for a body i don’t have in my collection so i’m not sure if the fit. plus the only girls i know with in reach are my sister’s dolls.