mizu at comic con

yes i know. my doll pics are poo, so deal. i think i’ve given up trying. the only saving grace is the little guy in the picture, even though he’s looking like a ragamuffin in his little hand knit hat and unblocked experimental sweater i made several months back.
the mr is doing the research for me to get a new camera. i’ve given up on the whole small and cute. even though i still want a point and shoot, it’s all about function. i think the fuji instant camera i’ve been dreamin’ about will be the cute and fun camera.

today was the “art 2 dine 4” at mark supik and co. i think it went quite well. the idea was for people to come in a have fun and learn a little wood turning from a pro. there was a lot of hands on involved.
the mr helped assemble the end product while i was one of the teacher’s assistants helping people set up their lathes while giving out pointers. i’ve never taught wood turning before so this was interesting experience. i did need a little help with direction. so i asked once and then it was all i needed. i think i did okay. unlike my uncle, i’m no where near pro level. i am happy to say that everyone i work with who came in with ten digets left with ten and a finished project.
afterwards the mr and i walked home. i’m so beat… why am i still up?