pictureless post #37: baltimore comic con

ugh… didn’t i just have one of these?

we went to comic con today and sadly the only photo i took while at the con was from my cell phone. it’s a pain to transfer it over.
anyway, we had a great time. this year it was just the mr, k$ and i but we were lucky enough to also meet up with steve and his son sam right after class.
the con was packed. i have never seen it like this. it took us almost an hour in line to actually get our passes. too crazy. the vendor’s room was so full. i had brought mizuko with me in hopes to take some photos but sadly the place to too packed for me to walk around with his out. there were a few really pushy people at this year’s con. i did snag a few up stairs away from the crowd while we took a coffee break but they really weren’t con related. oh well. we did have a great time but i managed to not buy a thing. crazy, i know! thats okay though. i’m saving up for that minimee body i’m getting in a week or so.

tomorrow the mr and i are going to the shop to help out with an “art to dine for” event that my uncle and aunt are hosting. the sister and i are getting together later that day. we’re going to talk dolls. she has her eye on a monster of a doll, a soom elf sabik. 80cm?!! O_o crazy big. it should be fun.