pictureless post #36

the rain began tonight and it’s suppose to go on all weekend.

i got some knitting done. i get so much energy around this time of the year. any other time i get this burst after my first cup of coffee in the morning and then drag the rest of the day. it hasn’t been like that for the past several days though. my mind has been rolling with all kind of ideas and i’m actually getting some stuff done.
tonight i started a list of all the things i want or have to make. this weekend i have to get on some faceless amigurumi that can hold poses for a project the mr wants to work on. he going to do some test so i can’t wait to see what he comes up with. for now it’s a secret, though if you can figure out his twitter account he’s given out a few hints.

for now i have a doll sweater in the works with two others following. not to mention a few mini ones that just need end to be woven and blocking.

other projects on the list for this weekend and next week:
faceless amigurumi
two sweaters
doll mittens
thrummed mittens (testing a pattern for an xmas gift)
mark’s hat and wrist warmers (this isn’t going to be a work safe project to show off. don’t ask)
i know i won’t get all of them done but at least i’m getting organised.