so lush

lush karma

i’m in heaven right now. my karma shampoo bars from lush came in today. the whole house smells of karma. it is lovely.
i also received my adorable bjd pattern book from doll candy today. i promised myself that i was going to take a break this week and work of doll projects. this will be one of them. the patterns seem straight forward and easy to follow. i’m very excited.
the mr gave me a lecture yesterday about me not giving myself said break because i kept talking amigurumi. not just any amigurumi, big amigurumi. so well see. i’m going to write my ideas down and get back to them when i’m allowed to. so this week i plan on taking shou apart and give him that blushing and restringing that he so desperately needs.

while were on the subject of dolls… some plans that were on the top of the list are taking a back seat for now. last month i purchased a head that i planned on working on sometime in the far future. well, it’s been pushed ahead since the body i want for it is on sale now until the middle of next month. i’m not quite ready to reveal what i purchased other then the fact that it is a minimee head (yes i’m a freakin’ fan girl and yes i’m embarrassed). i never thought i would see this one go for sale anytime soon but ever since i decided i wanted one i stalked the market place religiously for several weeks. anyway the body will be purchased soon. i’ll deal with the small but important details later.