relaxing summer

OC 07
our vacation at the beach was lovely but too short. it was sad to leave after a few days. i had such a great time spending time with my family and friends. the weather was great. it was sunny, but cool, and it rained one day. i love when it rains at the beach.
my dad and i got to do a little biking and the mister and i did a ton of walking on the boardwalk. this was good since healthy eating was not an option when deciding what foods to get. it was pretty much beach food all weekend.
there was a bit of silliness going on since the trip brought the mister, my brother, and kevin (my sister’s boyfriend) together. a few trips to the arcade were made and as you can tell i brought dylan along. she got a few stares and comments but it was fun having her tag along.

i got a little knitting done while i was at the beach.
beach knitting
my newest project is the icarus shawl from interweave knits summer 06. this will be a xmas gift. i thought i would start my xmas knitting early and i was in the mood to knit some lace. it’s a fun project so far. i was able to get a bit done at the ocean, but i’m at that point in the project where it takes me a day to knit about four rows. thats okay, the lace pattern is still interesting enough that my attention hasn’t wandered away from the project. i’m excited to see this finished.

now as if this post wasn’t blythe filled as it is, i figured hat i would show off a few outfits that dylan has gotten her hands on this week.
dylan's new fashion
the image on the left really doesn’t show off the outfit all that well, but the top was kind of a freestyle knitted top and the pants were sewn by me (you read right… i actually used my sewing machine. crazy i know) using flared pants pattern from puchi collective. this picture was taken at the baltimore farmer’s market. funny story: the woman in the background is someone i know. when i took the camera away and looked up she was giving me an odd look. i didn’t even notice she was there until after i took the photo. it was funny trying to explain what i was doing with a doll in one hand and a camera in the other. anyway…
the outfit on the right is a dress made by the lovely le petit boutique on etsy. so adorable. sorry about the horrible background. i received the dress last night so good lighting and background combo was limited. don’t worry, you’ll see more soon.

well i have a busy day ahead of me today. this week was week one of a long two week vacation. one plan is to post more about my summer. fun pictures from otakon and CA. i know better so i’m not going to make any promises.