The Mister’s Magnificent Monday Musings #1 – Salutations and Such

Noticing the blog’s desperate cry for attention, or at the very least a word or two, amu’s given the thumbs up for me to toss a few bits and pieces of moderately relevant jibber jabber into the mix. As a result, Mondays will become host to a regularly updated feature known as The Mister’s Magnificent Monday Musings (or, appropriately enough, Mmmm, as it contains much that is ‘yummy’ and ‘at least palatable enough to pretend it’s good so why offend the guy’.)

This week I would like to talk about the recently released Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. I can’t claim to have really played a Pokemon game before, and avoided doing so with a passion. It was a child’s game that I was far too old to enjoy and fooey on that silly cartoon as well. To the pug’s dismay (pictured at right feeling his little pug pride shatter as I trounce him once again) I’ve found that the game holds up to a variety of skill levels, and I think that’s why it’s had the longevity we’ve witnessed over the years.

Beginners can play through the storyline and feel they’ve gotten a solid RPG experience. Intermediate players can enjoy “collecting them all” after completing the main game and extend the playability of the titles for a dozen or more hours of playtime. Experienced PokeFolk get into breeding and training with the very thorough system of IV’s and EV’s to battle it out until the next game is due. With the inclusion of online play (though honestly made frustrating with the necessity of friend codes) this title alone can last longer than most other PC or console RPG’s assuming you enjoy the number crunching such an endeavor would require.

This first entry introduces the new inclusion rather spontaneously and simply. Future updates will be thought out a bit better and far less slapdash. Stay tuned in and keep an eye out for new stuff shortly.

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