peony sprouts

look at them grow!

spring is here, so last weekend i decided to look over the garden to see what needed to be cleaned up. well, sad to say, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. what i was unhappy about the most was the fact that my peony bushes didn’t survive the harsh winter. my ruby red peonies had been with me for two springs and gave me the loveliest flowers ever. not to also forget the prettiest scent. the other bush gave me pretty pink flowers and was the baby of the garden.
as i was standing there in front of my deceased plants i discovered these odd looking purple curly shoots sticking out around my red peony plant. they looked so alien. this garden has produced some of the weirdest things (i really should get the soil tested) so i didn’t want to rip them out until i found out what they were.
today i went out again this time with my camera and i took a few pictures. it was kind of dark so unfortunately the photo above was as good as it got. the shoots were a bit taller this time and had a little more green to them. showing the pictures to the mr. he found out that they are in fact peony sprouts. i’m rather excited about this. i know that for the first year they won’t be producing flowers but i’ll be happy to know that they are there.
sorry for the silly and random post but it’s good news to me. it’s part of the reason i love spring.

oh and a quick crafty up date: the sweater is finished and is waiting to be blocked. to turned out well but it’s hard to tell be fore blocking. i’ve also been busy making little amigurumi bears. i’m hoping to have several made before otakon.

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