i discovered a livejournal user by the name of ?cookingcute? the other day and was totally inspired. she makes some of the cutest bento. she has some really great ideas as well as links to places to get supplies.
after drooling over her journal i decided to get into bento making myself. i already had a few of my own. though, after a short visit to lotte plaza this weekend i bought a few more to add to my collection. the one above is one of them.
this was monday’s lunch which consisted of oyakodon buri, steamed string beans in shoyo and black sesames and japanese omelet. it’s a nice healthy lunch if you ask me. it may not seem like much but i’m working on it. the mr likes them since he’s never sure of what he’s getting until he opens the bento up. he said it also saves him money by not buying lunch downtown which can be very expensive by the end of the week. the only down side is that it takes me about an hour to put them together. with a little practice and plenty of pre work i should be able to cut down some of that time.

i was able to get a little gaming in this weekend… but again only a little. besides a few moments of guitar hero, i’ve had no time to play games so this weekend i pulled out a little shadow of colossus and we love katamari. as you can from the photos lil’ princey here decided to give “we love” a go and really got into it. after beating my booty few times on the 1 on 1 mode, all he could say was “it’s nothing like the real thing”. oh well…

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