i recieved two lovely packages in the mail last week. the first being a beautiful set of post cards by jamfancy. if you get the chance to check out christina’s site, please do. recently she has made doll versions of her paintings. they are amazing. now i just have to think of a way to display them.

the second package contained a japanese needle felting book i bought off of ebay. so far i’ve only been able to glance at it but i did take a few pictures of some of the projects inside.

sorry for the bad photos. i’m not a big fan of using my flash and the sun just didn’t want to work with me today.

it was incredibly warm this weekend. i had a few windows and the back door to my yard open most of the time. it did get a bit unbareable here and there. now that it’s cold i feel extra tired today and very little knitting was done. i do have a few new creatures in the works that i hope to finish and show off soon. i even have a new friend for the swampy bear (who is on my home page), named lava bear.