wan-gurumi – ?????

geisha inuone of the several things i collect is japanese craft books. right now i have a small collection, but as i’ve surfed the web and did a little traveling i have picked up a few fun ones, this being one of them. while i was in san fransico last october i stopped in one of my favorite shops, kinokuniya. that is where i found this little gem.
it’s not a craft book but a book displaying several designs
of a specific dogwear designer. the pictures are too cute for words. it’s hard to tell, but the dog on the right of the geisha picture has peach dumplings on his head. (sorry for the lack of quality in photagraphy)

samurai!!i had bought several on that trip but this one kept my mom and i in stitches. the whole ride back on the bart to the hotel we couldn’t keep an eye dry we were laughing so hard. it was quite embarrassing, but a fun trip.

here is a little extra info for those looking for books like this:

title: WAN-GURUMI or ?????
ISBN4-87465-752-4 and it lookd like it’s published by geibunsha

i found that amazon japan, and yes asia are my favorite places to by japanese craft books. ebay is also a great place but a bit pricey. you can get a good deal every great once in a while but it takes time to check everyday.

?????...funny peaches

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