for every injured pug a rock star is born

poor pugsthis weekend was lazy but fun, though p-chan didn’t think so. earlier last week we discovered that the poor pug had another corneal ulcer, this time in the opposite eye. here he is sitting with his mamas next to the kotatsu after taking his pain killer. i am happy to say that after a visit to the vets this morning all is well.

i did get a bit of felting done, but nothing worth showing at the moment. on most of the projects i was working on i got stuck because i either needed to wait to pick up this thing or for that thing to come in for me to finish…oh well.

i currently have blue alvarez hot lava cardigan on the needles. i’m using manos del uruguay worsted wool which is what the pattern calls for. i went with the small size because i was afraid that i would barely have enough for the medium, but now that i’m half way through the first part i was able to try it on and seems to fit. i’m really liking it so far.

page and brian rocking out

my brother steve and page stopped over for breakfast yesterday which prompted my brother to challenge brian to a game of guitar hero. if anyone ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a rock star play this game…okay it won’t make you feel like a rock star but it is a lot of fun. page, my biggest fan ever, decided to give it a try. she did really well. i even got some really great action shots…

bitchin' solo

i promise to have pictures of my finished matcha socks…i swear. i really want to show off the gold that i won. i feel kind of crummy not showing off any knitting.