baltimore fine craft show

before i go onto the show i first have to say, yay! i finished my matcha yoga socks for the knitting olympics. they are knitted, stitched, blocked and quite comfy. i did make one mistake when making them. at one point i was supposed to go back to the smaller sized needles when working towards the toe area…well, when i was working on the first one i swore i had seen that written in the pattern but for the life of me couldn’t find it (i blame it on lack of sleep and rushing to get these done) so i stuck to the larger needles. it wasn’t until i was working on the second one (and being very awake) that i realized what i had done and due to time could not go back and fix the first one. the ribbing is a bit wider on my pair then the ones shown on the pattern. i like them anyway. i will be making another pair very soon. i’ll post pictures of these as soon as i get them.

this weekend, the mister and i decided to check out this year’s baltimore fine craft show at the baltimore convention center. it has been a few years since i’ve been to the show and i’ve forgotten how much there is to see in such little time. the place was packed and there were a ton of amazing artists. my main reason for going was to check out some of the textile and fiber artist. some of my favorites were:

Jeung-Hwa Park. she was my favorite by far. most of her scarves were hand felted and dyed using the same technique as “shibori knitting”. i’ve been experimenting with this, but nothing has come close to the beautiful designs she had at her booth.

a few other knitting and/or felting artist that had caught my eye:

Hansard Welsh Design.

Glass Frog Studio


Jacqueline Sanchez, the only jeweler on my list. she has some very fun designs mixing lego style toys peiced together with silver and a diamond here and there. i went back to her booth twice to check out her stuff.

we both had a great time checking things out. the mister was even impressed and asked a few of the wood carvers there if he could snap and picture or two.