matcha socks

for the knitting olympics i decided to go with a somewhat easy project, since i knew that i would have very little time to work on it until the convention was over. the project i picked was the yoga socks by mac and me that i picked up at kpixie. i’m glad i decided to do this than something a bit more complicated. i finally finished the first sock last night and as of today i’m half way through the other one. i don’t have much time left before the contest ends.

the pattern originally called for lorna’s lace shepherds worsted. for this first pair i stuck with some araucania nature wool that i had in my stash, which worked out perfectly. i think the second pair i may actually try the lorna’s lace.

the only changes i made to this pattern is that i knitted the very top part that wraps around the foot in the round instead of flat. which would have been stitched up the side in the end…i hate stitching. the first one worked out well.

because of the color i’m calling them “matcha” yoga socks, since they remind me of the matcha cookies i bought at lotte the other day.

okay…so i haven’t crocheted a single amigurumi since saturday. it actually feels strange. as much stress those little guys have put me through i actually miss working on them. when i’m finished the contest i may work on one or two new little creatures i’ve had running through my head. i’m also hoping to get my gallery up and running and some of my left over creatures up on the site.

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